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    Rank Help/Info Empty Rank Help/Info

    Post  Awesomestar on Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:34 am

    Ranks are just basically

    These roleplay ranks are different here, then in posts!! Diamondtail can be a warrior in posts, but a deputy in roleplay. You up ranks like as in real Warriors cats. When the old deputy dies, the leader chooses a new one. If a leader dies, the deputy becomes it. You get the Warrior rank when you have done great feats of awesomeness, and the leader appoints you to it. There will be a new topic for your vigil. You can't talk!!! The only way to become an apprentice is to graduate from the nursery. When you look like you know how to roleplay, a Queen (purple name) will tell you that you have graduated, and then a new topic will be created for your ceremony. If you want to be your clan's Medicine Cat, contact your leader.

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