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    AwesomeClan Cats (and other clans, too)


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    AwesomeClan Cats (and other clans, too) Empty AwesomeClan Cats (and other clans, too)

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    Leader: Awesomestar
    Deputy: Starfur
    Warriors: Splitclaw, Stripedpelt, Diamondtail, Ambertail, Buttercoat, Jasminestone, Mapleleaf, Ponypelt, Orangesky, Angeleyes, Dullfur, Coolsnow, Warmsun
    Apprentices: Frozenpaw, Waterpaw, Moonpaw, Sunpaw,
    Queens: Pinkfur, Goldear
    Kits: Sparklekit, Shiningkit, Glitterkit, Platinumkit, Pearlkit
    Elders: Sharphorn, Redtooth, Crackedpelt,
    Medicine Cat: Silverear


    Leader: Stupidstar
    Deputy: Dorkear
    Warriors: Fatfoot, Lameheart, Beatpelt, Boogernose, Meaniebutt, Bluesky
    Apprentices: Bighairpaw, Dumbpaw, Pooppaw
    Queens: Buttfur,
    Kits: Snotkit
    Elders: Noobface,
    Medicine Cat: Fartrock


    Leader: Powerstar
    Deputy: Hoodclaw
    Warriors: Fastleaf, Strongtooth, Vainear, Scaryface, Viciouspelt
    Apprentices: Glarepaw, Stregnthpaw
    Queens: Speedfeather
    Kits: Agilekit, Skillkit
    Elders: Tearingwind,
    Medicine Cat: Rippingtooth


    Leader: Nerdstar
    Deputy: Mathmud
    Warriors: Smartfuzz, Thinkcloud, Studyfang, Rubyear, Jadetail
    Apprentices: Pipaw, Readingpaw, Geekpaw
    Queens: Cunningear
    Kits: Brainkit,
    Elders: Writingdew, Spellpebble
    Medicine Cat: Cleverleaf

    Unofficial Clans (Small groups of rouges and loners joined together, kind of like BloodClan, but they don't interfere with the four main clans)

    Head: Day
    Co-Head: Morning
    Fighters: Dawn, Noon, Afternoon, Dusk, Midnight
    Queens: Twilight
    Kits: Evening
    Old Ones: Sunrise
    Healing One: Sunset

    Fun facts about characters:

    Epicpaw is Awesomestar's kit
    Dumbpaw is Stupidstar's kit
    Strengthpaw is Powerstar's kit
    Geekpaw is Nerdstar's kit
    The leader's kits are all rivals (Epicpaw's the best)
    Agilekit dreams of joining AwesomeClan one day
    Boogernose and Buttfur's kit is Snotkit
    Rubyear and Jadetail were found on the side of the river
    Bluesky was kidnapped by StupidClan from AwesomeClan

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