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    How to Roleplay


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    How to Roleplay Empty How to Roleplay

    Post  Awesomestar on Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:33 am

    Many people don't know how to role play when they join a role playing website. Hopefully, this little tutorial will fix that. This is an example of two cats fighting one another. Take turns playing and be descriptive! Also, you must wait for your opponent to respond to a single attack before you can attack again.

    User1: Warmfur stared the strange tomcat in the eyes, glaring at him with her icy stare. "Why are you on my Clan's territory? You don't belong here."

    User2: The tom smirked, "I'm here because I want to be." He shrunk down into a crouch, glaring back at her with serious eyes. "I do whatever I want, and if you try to stop me, I won't hesitate to fight back."

    User1: Warmfur let a hiss escape her jaws, never letting her eyes leave the trespassing tom's face. "Tell me your name."

    User2: "Blackstorm."

    User1: "Well, Blackstorm," Warmfur growled, showing her white teeth, "I'm not usually one to fight, but I'll bring you down if I must."

    User2: "Just try it." Blackstorm leaped forward, extending his claws out in front of him. They met Warmfur's left flank and instantly tore through her fragile skin. He could feel the blood welling for a split second before his claws made contact with the ground once more.

    User1: Warmfur let out a hiss of pain through her teeth. She had not been expecting his attack, and had been taken off guard when he launched himself at her. Recovering quickly she spun around, locking her ocean blue eyes onto his body. Jumping forward she tackled him to the ground, latching her teeth into his neck fur.
    (Can I kill him?)

    User2: (Well... I guess.) Blackstorm clenched his teeth in pain, trying to fling her off. Unfortunately, she had him in the right position that he could not move to bring himself up to his paws again. "Please," he chocked out, "Spare my life!"

    User1: (Okay, cool.) Warmfur growled through the skin her jaws. "Why should I spare your life when you would not have spared mine?" Her teeth dug in deeper into the soft skin of Blackstorm's neck. Together they met the vital veins of his neck and ripped them. A severed jugular always kills quick. She stepped back and licked her jaws to clean them of his blood.

    And that's a basic example of a fight role play between two characters. When there are more, the fights usually take longer and are much more confusing. I would advise staying away from those kinds until you are a more experienced role player.

    Remember, User2 could have easily declined and kept his character, Blackstorm. He didn't have to say yes to allowing Warmfur to bring down the tomcat. Also remember to ask before you kill.

    In AwesomeClan, there are two ways to roleplay. The first way is Talk (T), which uses the
    (name): (blah blah blah)
    interface. The second way is Movement (M), which is written in the way of an actual Warriors book. Example:

    ~Whitekit shivered in the freezing cold. Even through the think brambles, the cold air still managed to burrow into the nursery.~

    Use whatever one that suits the situation best. When you want to change, simply type "T", or "M", at the beginning of the post.

    If you ever havent visited the site in a while, and are lost in how to roleplay, check at the original topic, the admins will update the plot so you don't have to read the entire roleplay

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