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    Help/Directions ALL NEW MEMBERS MUST READ!!!


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    Help/Directions ALL NEW MEMBERS MUST READ!!! Empty Help/Directions ALL NEW MEMBERS MUST READ!!!

    Post  Awesomestar on Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:32 am

    Here's some useful help for you about roleplaying. Learn how to roleplay at the Roleplay Help. If you do already know how to roleplay, go and fill out and submit the form provided with your cat's info. You will start off as a kit. Then go roleplay in the nursery. Once I see that you can really roleplay, then I will upgrade you to apprentice. You will have to submit the form again. Then go start in the apprentice den. I will have a list of who's in what den. If you haven't visited this site for a while, and you're lost in one of the roleplays, just look at the original topic. I will have a summary of what happend. How I choose deputies and leaders, etc., is that if you think that you can handle the job, which means going on this site 1+ a day, then PM me about it. I will randomly choose between the contestants,. More info on Clan Ranks are given at help. You can be in any of the four Clans. AwesomeClan, StupidClan, PowerClan (a branch of StupidClan), or NerdClan.

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